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Rediscover the world of ThunderCats through the brand new ThunderCatsNOW 3.0 website, redesigned and built from the ground up to give new and old fans alike a streamline and simple user experience to enjoy. We don't believe in a central hub for conversations; rather we believe in discussing about ThunderCats everywhere and anywhere you go.

The internet has evolved in the last decade into a more mobile and fast-paced world. While the team understands the importance of community, they also realize time has become a precious commodity.

The original goal for ThunderCatsNOW has always been to be a central hub by connecting the community through the different social media networks and creating new means of celebrating this timeless property. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, the TCN Podcast, and our contributions to Power-Con, the first-ever He-ManShe-RaThunderCats, andTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles convention are examples of how much TCN is committed to expanding beyond a single website with text and images.

With the launch of ThunderCatsNOW 3.1, Manny, Celesta, Brandon, and Tim will have the opportunity to push the boundaries of technology and continue to evolve with the internet. ThunderCatsNOW will continue to carry the torch and bring the latest news and information to a new generation of fans to enjoy.

Thank you for your continuous support throughout the years and hope you will be here to help spread the Code of Thundera for years to come.